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AUGUST  2018

 "Conservation Happenings" Newsletter

Grapes Douglas County Conservationist of the Year Awards Recognition Deadline August 15, 2018

The Douglas County Conservation District seeks applications from four categories of land stewards to recognize for outstanding environments sustainability improvements and practices. The categories:

  • Homeowners - residential lots of less than 5 acres (Backyard Conservationist)
  • Landowners (6 to 35 acres Small Acreage)
  • Ranch or Farm – Agricultural Producers Greater than 36 acres (Large Acreage)
  • Douglas County Classrooms or School grounds

Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:                                                                              Print Flyer


Describe your land and its environmental condition before you began improvements.  What were the aspects of the property that did not need improvement (and might be considered an environmental asset), and other areas that needed improvement.  What was your main objective for your improvement? 

For example, did you want to: Reduce water consumption?, Plant a garden, or raise livestock, for human consumption?, Plant grass, flowers, shrubs or trees for wildlife benefit?,   Improve, or protect the productivity of farm or ranch land?

Please provide as many pictures with caption that help explain your improvements.  Please provide the approximate dates of your improvements.  We recognize that some improvements span a number of years. 


Tell us about your involvement with your neighbors, community, or others during your project.  Did you learn from others? Did you assist other with their conservation efforts? Not all efforts are successful-we would also like to hear about things you tried that didn’t work out as planned.  Again, pictures (with captions) may help tell your story.

Please submit your applications to our office by 8/15/18 at, or send to: Douglas County CD, PO Box 688, Franktown, CO 80116

Winners will be awarded and recognized at the Douglas County Conservation District's Annual Meeting of the Landowners at Lowell Ranch south of Castle Rock on October 18, 2018



The Douglas County Conservation District sponsors this camp.  The camp was held at Lowell Ranch south of Castle Rock for youth ages 7 to 14 on Thursday July 26, 2018.  The 45 youth campers were connected through the education of our natural resources.  The sessions include:  Farm Animals (goats, pigs, sheep, turkeys, cows), Wildlife (skins and skulls of native mamals and what to do if they encounter a bear or mountain lion), Water quality/Aquatic Life (Creek exporation to find living creatures), Native bees (observed the native bees and other pollinators on the flowers), and Healthy Soils (played in the soil and viewed a variety of microscope slides of various things).    

  RAINWATER HARVESTING WORKSHOP JUNE 16, 2018  Workshop attendees

Twenty-Five landowners attended the workshop at Hidden Mesa a Douglas County Open Space in Franktown, CO.  They learned the current Colorado Rainwater Collection Laws, they helped to create and install a rain barrel harvesting system, and they learned about the many benefits or rainwater harvesting by: conserving water, saving money on water bills, and growing resilient plants.
If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about Rainwater Collection, email us, or call 303-218-2622.                  

                                                Crowd of Participants                 Barb Borrero Participant                 Workshop

Workshop attendee, Anne Ruybal, purchsed a barrel and hardware kit at the workshop so she could install her own 55 gallon rainwater collection system.  Anne installed her system with the help of her son on Saturday afternoon.  The barrel was filled up with the Sunday, June 17th rains.
                                                                                                    Anne Ruybal barrel
"I'm so happy that you had the workshop so I could find out how easy it really is and get motivated to actually do it!"
Anne Ruybal 



If you are interested in being on our email list to receive a seedling tree order form for the 2019 program, you can contact the Douglas County Conservation District via email , or phone at 303-218-2622. The Douglas County Conservation District sells seedling trees as cooperators of the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery.  The trees are ordered on a first come, first served pre-order basis to Douglas and Elbert County Colorado landowners between October 2018 and March 2019.  Distribution is in Mid April 2019 in Castle Rock.  There is no minimum requirement of acreage to be able to purchase these seedlings.    More About Our Seedling Tree Program

Planting Home Gardens in Douglas County for Elementary Students                   Video

I’m Diggin’ My Doug: Planting Home Gardens in Douglas County is an educational program sponsored by the Douglas County Conservation District for 4th  graders that teaches children how to grow a plant while uncovering their deeper connections with our natural environment - water, air, earth, sunlight. This new, interactive approach includes energetic practices of yoga, movement, singing and laughing, quickly taking kids to a place of calm, eager receptivity.  This unique system connects children to gardening in intellectual, emotional and intuitive ways. Classes are being scheduled in selected Douglas County elementary schools for the 2017-2018 school year. for more information on this educational program. 

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES!   Volunteer workshop/class facilitators wanted and needed to help us with the district's mission to educate these students. The next opportunity to volunteer is at the next workshops scheduled between 9am and 4pm on Monday May 21st in Castle Pines and Castle Rock. If interested,  please  click here to add your name to the list of volunteers, or contact Glenn Ballantyne at Kreativo 719-406-5800. 

The district, to date,  has conducted 28 one hour workshops in a total of 4 Douglas County School classrooms.  These workshops reached 700 students in 2017.  More workshops are scheduled in 2018 during the remainder of the Douglas County School year.  Workshops will be completed during school hours for the 1st to 5th grade students in their classroom.

Douglas County Conservation District Products and Services We receive funds from several sources such as the County and State to help our District residents, none of which comes through direct taxation of residents.  The district receives revenue from product sales:

An Exciting Opportunity!!! The District would like to fill the vacancy with a Douglas County landowner interested in being part of a very motivated and active conservation board.   

Are you interested in conserving our natural resources here in Douglas County?

Do you have a desire to share in the urgency to conserve the precious natural resources in Douglas County with others?

Would you like to be involved in  educating landowners through projects and seminars addressing natural resource concerns in the county?

 If so, and you reside in Douglas County, then please send us a letter of intent to join the Douglas County Conservation District Board.  Mail letter to Douglas County CD,  PO Box 688, Franktown, CO 80116, or email your letter.   Please call 303-218-2622 with any questions. 


The Douglas County Conservation District's Annual Meeting of Landowners was Thursday October 19, 2017 at CALF's Lowell Ranch south of Castle Rock. Glenn Ballantyne of Kreativo talked about the importance of food production and sustainability in the county.   The catch phrase “I’m Diggin’ My Doug” is used to  encourage and teach 4th grade students to grow, nurture and then harvest the bounty of their vegetable plant named “Doug”.  Glenn along with volunteers teach elementary children through an emotional connection, hands on and music the importance of sustainability, and growing a garden from seed to table.

CALF, Colorado Agricultural Leadership Foundation, was recognized as the District’s Conservationist of the Year 2017 for the education and conservation work they have completed at Lowell Ranch.   See the presentation for CALF's recognition.  The District also recognized Douglas Ravnholdt, and Jeff & Diane Roth all from Parker as the backyard conservationists for their efforts on sustainability.   Ryan Phillips, Peakview Ranch employee, talked about leasing land on 40 plus acres for livestock in Douglas County to practice rotational grazing for proper  grazing management and how the landowners benefit by receiving Agricultural Status.    

    Past District Conservationists of the Year

2016 Terry and Linda Browneller Conservationists of the Year             View Video of the Browneller's accomplishments on their land.

Andy & Kim Hough2015 Andy & Kim Hough (Backyard Conservationists of the Year)          View Video



Welch Family2014 Bob & Kristen Welch   Click here to view youtube video