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The grass seed mixes below are suggested for this area to give your land a good variety of grasses that help to contain erosion.

Grasses in many species other than those listed here are also available.  If you have a specific seed mix for your acreage, we can get a price for you and order it for the acreage needed to be seeded.  We also rent a Native Grass Seed Drill. Call us at 303 218-2622 or e-mail us for more information.

Planting a Buffalograss Lawnn

Planting Native Grass Seedd

Reseeding Pasturee

Douglas County Conservation District Seed Mixes



*Seed Sold for 1 or more acres

*Douglas County Native Shotgun Mix 

This native mix is usually available in our office. 1 bag covers 1 acre broadcast, or 2 acres drilled. 

20% Big Bluestem
10% Blue Grama
10% GreenNeedlegrass
20% Western Wheatgrass
10% Sideoats Grama
10% Switchgrass
10% Prairie Sandreed
10% Yellow Indiangrass
Call for price and availability
*Douglas County Permanent Native Mix


10% Big Bluestem
10% Yellow Indiangrass
10% Switchgrass
10% Sideoats Grama
10% Western Wheatgrass
10% Blue Grama
10% Thickspike Wheatgrass
10% Prairie Sandreed
10% Green Needlegrass
5%  Slender Wheatgrass
5%  Streambank Wheatgrass
Call for price and availability
*Douglas County Low Grow Native Mix 20% Blue grama
20% Western wheatgrass
20% Sideoats grama
20% Thickspike wheatgrass
20% Streambank wheatgrass
Call for price and availability
*Douglas County CD Introduced Mix - Pasture and Haying Mixture 10% Smooth Brome
25% Intermediate Wheatgrass
25% Pubescent Wheatgrass
40% Western Wheatgrass
Call for price and availability
*Douglas County CD Haying Mixture with Alfalfa 10% Brome
20% Intermediate
20% Pubescent Wheatgrass
40% Western Wheatgrass
10% Alfalfa
Call for price and availabilty


We can also quote any custom seed mix. Prices fluctuate due to supply and demand, so please call for a quote. Seed will be delivered to your property 2 to 3 working days after receiving payment. Please e-mail us or call 303-218-2622 for questions, to check seed availability, to get a quote or to place an order. 

Nice To Know

  • The Native Mix takes 2 to 3 growing seasons to establish, but it is more cold and drought tolerant when established.
  • The Introduced Mix establishes itself in 1 to 2 growing seasons, however, it is not as cold or drough tolerant as the native mix.
  • The best times to plant Seed is between November 1st after the first frost through May 1st.  (If it is a wet spring, you can plant up to May 15th)
  • Broadcast or Drill?  By using a seed drill to plant your seed, you only need half of the seed rate that you would use for broadcasting seed.  When drill seeding, the planting is more successful and the cost is about half.
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