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Program and Larvicide Information

Douglas County landowners who want to battle the West Nile virus this season have an affordable alternative to control mosquitoes and other pests this summer.

The Douglas County Conservation District, in cooperation with Douglas County Public Health Department, is offering rural landowners VectoBac G and Bactimos Bti larvicide - environmentally friendly bacteria that kill mosquito larvae before they hatch. Both products also are effective in controlling black flies, midge and filter fly larvae.

VectoBac G is a granular substance available in 40-pound bags.  The granules are applied every seven to 10 days along the fringes of pools or creeks where the water is still, and in marshy or low-lying areas that retain water. Application rates vary from 2 to 5 pounds per acre (8 to 16 granules per square foot), depending on breeding habitat. One bag should be sufficient for seasonal larvicide application along a 660-foot stretch of a creek.

Bactimos is a donut-shaped dunk that is packaged in quantities of 20 on one card. The dunks offer sustained release of larvicide suitable for stock tanks or stagnant ponds. One dunk provides effective mosquito control for 100 square feet of water for about 21 days.

Questions? Call the Douglas County Conservation District at 303-218-2622 or e-mail us.